ADHD Coach Griffin Rouse | Colorado

About Griffin

Griffin was diagnosed with ADHD when he was eight or nine years old. He spent his childhood and early adolescence wandering a maze of private schools that assured him and his parents that they held the key to “curing” his ADHD. Of course, none really did. After 10 years of the emotional turmoil of trying to find an environment that would provide the support and structure most ADHD youth desperately need, Griffin’s family was fortunate enough to stumble upon a small high school in central Massachusetts that specialized in ADHD and other learning disabilities.

This school became a turning point in Griffin’s life; once enrolled, he began to learn just how life-changing the proper support and structure can be for ADHD children, adolescents, and adults. The school became a safe haven for Griffin and is where he began his journey of helping children and young adults with ADHD.

After high school, Griffin went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Public and Community Service at Providence College, where he focused on asset-based development and community organizing. Upon graduating, Griffin took on a role working with at-risk youth in the city of Providence. Over the course of his seven years in the role, Griffin saw clearly that many of these bright, misunderstood young were simply ADHD adolescents who lacked the structure and support to succeed – much like he was as a child. This experience inspired Griffin to channel his passion into a field where he could make a difference in the lives of young people with ADHD. This led him to coaching.

Griffin’s coaching style is built on the foundations of asset-based development, a practice that encourages participants to reframe the things traditionally considered to be liabilities as assets or solutions. In ADHD coaching, this means understanding and harnessing the parts of being ADHD that are traditionally considered problems. Griffin works with clients to develop creative ways to use those traits to solve the challenges that ADHD, and life in general, create for clients.

Areas of Coaching Expertise:

  • Children ages 10-18 and their parents
  • College Students
  • Young Adults and Early Career
  • Couples where one or both partners have ADHD

Coaching Services

  • Complimentary Get Acquainted Sessions
  • Individual Coaching

Locations to Meet with Griffin

  • Virtual Zoom Meetings and Telephone as needed
  • In-Person Denver TBD