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Product Accomplished with ADHD Virtual Group Coaching Full Payment

Accomplished with ADHD Group Coaching Program

What we cover:  

Jumpstart Session:  This is our time to get acquainted, learn more about your particular situation and needs.  You will have the opportunity to  establish a goal to focus on during the program.  Together, we explore the actions and approaches that will help you accomplish your goal. Additional resources will be made available to you individually to support your goal.  Then, apply what we cover in our four group sessions to to the accomplishment of your goal.

Four Weekly Group Sessions:  Each group session introduces relevant topics and key points to help you boost life satisfaction and accomplishment.  We explore and coach around ways to apply them to your own unique needs and situation.  

  • Week 1:  Understanding and Awareness Building on ADHD (What it is, What contributes to your specific struggles)
  • Week 2:  Identify your strengths, the upside of ADHD traits and the advantageous ways YOU are wired to win! 
  • Week 3:  Learn our 4 step approach to help you bridge, build and bust through barriers to accomplish more in your life. 
  • Week 4:  Explore common barriers and lifestyle saboteurs that interfere with your personal effectiveness and productivity.

What's included: 

  • One Individual Jumpstart Coaching Session - to be arranged with your sign up  
  • Four live Group sessions for learning, coaching and supporting one another
  • Important topics, coaching and follow up actions are included with each session
  • Handouts with each session that you can refer to over and over again during and after the program
  • Access to private client site for session recordings, handouts and extra resources
  • Email support between sessions to answer questions and keep you going
  • Participants meet by computer, tablet or smartphone on Zoom.
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