Blog Post | I Haven’t Been Everywhere Yet, But It’s On My List!


I Haven’t Been Everywhere Yet,
But It’s On My List!

I haven’t had many opportunities in the last few years to physically travel and roam at random, thanks to Covid’s unwelcome intrusion. Getting a wild hair and driving to the coast to hang out with my pals was no longer an easy option. It required too much planning around masks and distancing, which goes against my ADHD wild hair ways. My brain needs unencumbered time to free range like a chicken. Oops, I am wandering off track, so allow me to correct the course.

I intended to say that not even Covid has been able to shackle this ADHD brain from wandering through new or interesting places and spaces with the help of my dear companion, The Internet. Just about any little question or comment can trigger my curiosity, and then we are off to the races. I will return from each trip with exciting and valuable information to pass along or some random trivia that’s only useful on a game show. 

The exit from the freeway of my day usually starts with a visual cue followed by, “I wonder...” Then add a when, where, or how and the journey begins. Guess that’s what they mean about focusing on the journey, not the destination. 

Okay, I hear some of you are pushing back about how awful it is to have this free-ranging brain when there is so much work to be done. I hear you barking, big dog; we can’t just let our brains out to play all the time. Even those chickens need some perimeters, or they can get eaten by predators like raccoons or dogs. Yeah, I wondered what the natural predators of chickens were, so I had to take a tiny detour. Stay with me; I am almost at a destination. 

How about we embrace the unique wiring of this meandering brain and enjoy a little excursion without “shoulding” ourselves? You know, like when we say, “I should be working on my to-do list” or “I should be hacking away at my email inbox.” Come on; even your brain needs to be let out to play every once in a while. Just be sure to have some perimeters set up to bring you back to all those things on that never-ending list. 

My rambling has come to its destination. Today’s blog is brought to you by the words “Random” and “Wandering”. I saw those words on a bumper sticker today, and I had to take that exit. It was a marvelous detour! 


Katherine Jahnke
ADHD Coach | Center For Living Well with ADHD, LLC

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