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Product Marriage Uncomplicated- Payment Plan

MARRIAGE UNCOMPLICATED: Bringing Back the Joy in Relationships with ADHD

Meets Wednesday Evenings
Starts 7:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm CT, 5:30 pm MT, 4:30 pm PT

In this interactive online course we will discuss and provide the following:

  • Explore myths and facts of ADHD
  • Recognize how ADHD minds think differently
  • Differentiate the role of the non ADHD spouse
  • Assess and learn how leveraging strengths helps ADHD
  • Understand executive function and ways to strengthen capabilities
  • Build on new time management strategies and skills (planner provided)
  • Discover how to improve communication, compromise and teamwork as a couple
  • Learn strategies to address feelings of overwhelm, situational anxiety and procrastination
  • Improve on a positive sense of self and wellbeing
  • Each week you will be asked to try a skill or make important observations.

Payment structure 250.00 USD deposit then 250.00 USD split into 1 30 days payments starting 01/28/2020

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