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Product Masterful Living Group Coaching - Thursday Afternoons

Masterful Living with ADHD Group Coaching -

This group is designed for those with a fairly good understanding of ADHD and who have completed some previous work, either on their own or through coaching, to understand and manage their ADHD.  Participants focus on their own unique goals while meeting in small groups of four to twelve members. Sessions are on Thursday afternoons at 6:30 pm Eastern | 3:30 pm Pacific starting October 2020.  

Included with your registration:

  • Jumpstart Session
  • Three Group Sessions during the first three weeks of each month
  • One on One Coaching Session the fourth week of each month
  • Access to private client portal and resources
  • Use of our Virtual Support Lab Hours for Check-Ins and Just in Time Support
  • Complimentary access to one new ADHD Class each month.

Fee: $100 deposit, plus $197 for the first month, followed by $197/month thereafter with a three-month commitment to join.

Payment structure 100.00 USD deposit and 197.00 USD every 30 days until cancelled starting 10/16/2020

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