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Product Study Buddies [Academic Study Hall] - Spring Special

ADHD Student Study Buddies - Five Session Pass

Our virtual study halls are designed for students who struggle to manage, start, complete, and turn in homework assignments.

Study Buddies is also helpful for students who would benefit from the structured time and ADHD-friendly environment to prepare for exams, or plan and work on larger projects. 

Open to College, High School and Middle School Students.  

Our Study Halls help with:

  • Accountability and productivity.
  • Coach support when students are overwhelmed or stuck.
  • Learning new ADHD-friendly strategies and approaches with schoolwork.
  • Providing a positive, encouraging can-do environment to complete homework.

*Study Hall is not intended to replace, or replicate the impact of 1:1 coaching, nor is it intended to serve as child care or tutoring or to address challenges with emotional regulation. 

Payment structure 100.00 USD deposit and 97.00 USD every month until cancelled starting 09/27/2023

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