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Product Compassionate Educators League (Jan 2024)

Are you an educator who is feeling overwhelmed about this school year? Sunday scaries ruining your weekend? We are excited to offer this support group for educators with and without ADHD. As former teachers ourselves, we know you are in one of the most challenging and important professions out there. 

Coach Alicia and Coach Abby have a combined range of teaching expertise from early childhood through high school, from general education to Special Education settings. We also have ADHD. 

We are here to listen to your challenges, dig deep to understand your unique classroom, explore your strengths as an educator, and lean into the unique way YOU effectively get things done. In this group, we will discuss different ways ADHD presents itself in students, brainstorm practical strategies to best support your learners, and support you in prioritizing your seemingly endless responsibilities - all while maintaining your sanity! 

We believe that with creativity, a sense of humor, a willingness to try something differently, and a strong support group, you can not only survive your school year, but thrive. 

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