Small Group Coaching

Wired To WinTM Small Group Online Coaching


Accomplished with ADHD
(2 Months)

This cornerstone group is a great place to begin when newly diagnosed or finally deciding to focus on how best to navigate ADHD for a better life.  Our five step approach will help you quickly turn things around for the better. You will understand more about what's happening and learn the tools to beat this thing called ADHD.


Goal Setting and Decision Making
(1 month)

Understanding what matters most and creating the goals to accomplish just that. Participants will develop more clarity on their vision for their life, the values and passion behind it. Develop your big hairy audacious goal(s) (BHAG) for 2020 and the smaller goals that will get you there.  Break down the action steps to achieve your next goal(s) and go for it while we work together.  

Strengths Based Living 
(1 month)

Learn how to harness your strengths and the magic and potential within you while being true to your authentic self.  Multiple approaches to strengths are covered in this group to help you design your recipes for success with strengths based approaches. Participants will have practice in using their strengths in everyday situations, challenges and tasks.  

Lifestyle Boosters with ADHD
(1 month)

Success or sabotage?  Every choice you make about your lifestyle, routines or habits has the power to make or break you.  Get ready for a lifestyle makeover in this group. Small steps from day one can get you there with accountability and a group to cheer you on.  

Motivation and Mindset Matters
(1 Month)

Being told to "just do it" doesn't work.  Discover the motivators and mindset that empower you to focus on making important changes and achieving big gains in your life.  

Get-It-Done Productivity Lab 
(Month to Month as Needed)

"I know what I need to do, I just can't get to it".  Sound familiar?  Task Initiation, Persistence & Completion can get in the way of getting things done when you have ADHD.  If you are feeling stuck and never getting around to what you hoped to do, this program is for you.  

Time Management Skills Lab
(2 Months)

Difficulties in managing time are one of the biggest executive function skill challenges those with ADHD can face.  Month 1 is all about creating a Flow to your Day and awareness of how you spend your time.  Month 2 takes it up a notch with planning, prioritization with goal based decision making on what you say "Yes" to.


Organization Skills Lab

Getting squared away and being organized is more than just stuff. Yet, stuff is a big part of it too.  This skills and strategy Lab can help you declutter, get organized in your space, organize your email, your workload, etc.  Truly  or even create the routines and habits to help you stay on top of things and organized.  

Find your Calm with ADHD
(1 Month)

Feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness and  emotions running wild, excessively dwelling on what just happened can shut you down and keep you stuck.  Learn to identify stress, what triggers you and how to effectively get back to calm so you can move forward.  Then learn how to avoid it the next time around.  


Introductory Paragraph on the concept of coaching in small Groups

  • Work in small groups of 4 to 8 people
  • Gain support from like minded people with similar goals
  • Receive individual attention from your coach at the start and in-between group sessions

What's Included:

  • One Individual Jumpstart Session with each new group enrollment
  • Four Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to our Private Client Learning Center
  • Self-paced Training Modules for your group - recordings, handouts, tips included
  • Interactive Discussion Posts with your coach for just-in-time support
  • Plus, Two Individual 30 Minute Support Sessions per month with your coach

Early Bird Investment:

Enroll before January 1st in an online group for only $247/month with a two month commitment.
When you do your group rate for future enrollments never changes!


The price goes back up to $297/month in the new year! So don't wait too long.