Executive Function Skills and ADHD

Building on Executive Function Skills

Executive Function and ADHD:

Building Skills for Life

Personal development is a continual process for everyone throughout their lifespan.  As we age and transition into new roles and responsibilities in our life, the demands on executive skills increase.  What helps? Boosting your skills to keep up and minimize unnecessary challenges.  

With ADHD, our executive skills may not develop as quickly as our peers. This is why things may seem to take us longer or become harder.  Sometimes we need to catch up. In this class we explore the connection between executive function skills and ADHD, you will take a baseline assessment to pinpoint which ones are getting in your way, and learn a proven framework for building on your skills to support your success.  Participants will create a 7-day challenge goal and receive support from our coaches as they work through the challenge.  


  • 90 Minute interactive workshop
  • Handout and Slides
  • Follow Up 7 Day Challenge
  • Live Coach Support in our Virtual Lab or Email

Your Cost $27


Saturday, February 20, 2021
11:30 am Eastern | 10:30 am Central | 9:30 am Mountain | 8:30 am Pacific 

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